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News - 08/07/2021
Henley Business School Coaches Bootcamp Sponsor Offer

Hi there! Dr Stewart Desson here. Thanks for coming along today! I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences on setting up Lumina Learning and hope you’ve found it useful for setting up or improving your own practice.

News - 31/08/2020
The Big Challenge: helping organisations adapt to a new (virtual) world
Lumina Spark Lumina Spark Coach Digital Transformation

We’ve never known more challenging times for organisations and their people, pushing human potential to the limits.

News - 26/08/2020
Did Covid-19 change who we are? Our research continues
Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the context in which we live and work. The big question is – has this fundamentally changed who we are?

News - 21/06/2020
5 Key Factors to ensure success with Lumina Leader 360
Lumina Leader Leadership Development

Setting up and running any 360 Project is fraught with challenges, so we have identified 5 key factors to ensure your success.

News - 27/05/2020
Selling the Lumina Way
Lumina Sales Influence Lumina Sales

It’s a tough job being a buyer today. The vast availability of research on the options available in the market has mushroomed over the last decade.

News - 10/04/2020
The Leadership Gap – The Difference Between Intended Communication and Actual Impact
Lumina Spark Leadership Development

The 4 Lumina Spark principles, when applied using our 24 quality Lumina Spark personality model, significantly helps leaders close the leadership gap.

News - 28/06/2018
Lumina Learning Excellence Awards

Congratulations to our shortlist and winners for the first ever Lumina Learning Excellence Awards.

News - 28/06/2018
Innovation and Transformation Global Conference

Our Innovation and Transformation Global Conference in Brighton was a great success.