Articles - 16/12/2022
What are you doing to improve team and leadership communication?
Lumina Spark Leadership Development Team Building Team Development

Find out how you prefer to communicate. ‘Development areas?’ Blind spots? Lumina Learning’s smart data and traits-not-types model will put you right, giving you a deeper understanding of personality, behaviour and emotion.

Articles - 30/08/2021
How to build effective remote teams – our top tips
Lumina Spark Digital Transformation Individual Development Team Development

So, what makes a dream team? In the post-pandemic world, a dream team looks different because of the impact remote working has had on teamwork.

Articles - 23/08/2021
The future of development & selection; what makes Lumina Learning different
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We are where business psychology meets technology, spending our first 10 years transforming how personality is understood. Now we are transforming how solutions are delivered to be more engaging and more memorable than ever before.

Articles - 13/08/2021
The Future of Remote Working; the good, the bad and the ugly
Lumina Spark Lumina Journey To Composure Digital Transformation Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I)

The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic promoted remote working from being a workplace experiment to working its way towards being the new normal.

Articles - 08/07/2021
Henley Business School Coaches Bootcamp Sponsor Offer

Hi there! Dr Stewart Desson here. Thanks for coming along today! I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences on setting up Lumina Learning and hope you’ve found it useful for setting up or improving your own practice.

Articles - 02/06/2021
How to Build Engaging & Interactive Content for Virtual Delivery
Lumina Spark Digital Transformation

See Our 5 Top Tips for creating highly engaging and interactive virtual content that delivers exceptional learning quality

Articles - 06/12/2020
Dr Stewart Desson On What Makes Lumina Spark Different
Lumina Spark Lumina Leader Digital Transformation Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I)

Dr Stewart Desson discusses what makes Lumina Spark different amongst other personality tools in this recent interview with household Korean media outlet, Maeil Business Times.

Articles - 31/08/2020
The Big Challenge: helping organisations adapt to a new (virtual) world
Lumina Spark Lumina Spark Coach Digital Transformation

We’ve never known more challenging times for organisations and their people, pushing human potential to the limits.