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Hi there! Dr Stewart Desson here. Thanks for coming along today! I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences on setting up Lumina Learning and hope you’ve found it useful for setting up or improving your own practice.





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Click here to claim your Lumina Sales portrait. You’ll be asked to create a participant profile so that you can take the questionnaire, which is around 15-20 minutes long. If you’ve completed a Lumina Learning assessment before then you can simply log into your existing participant or practitioner account. If you have issues, problems or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact our global support team at [email protected]


Want to know a little more about Lumina Sales?

Lumina Sales helps you create influence and deliver on stakeholder needs, no matter your role. Lumina Sales scientifically enables you to develop your people, and yourself,  to grow your revenue. By understanding how your qualities support the sales process, and mitigating the impact of your overextensions, you land more sales through a deep understanding of what stakeholders really want. By focusing on return on relationship you simultaneously maximise return on investment.



What Is It For?

Whether you’re a front-line sales manager or a sales director, a technical specialist or a consultative seller, lead a large complex account team or a small in-house sales team, Lumina Sales will have applications for you. The Lumina Sales Portrait assesses how an individual’s personal qualities will affect the way they are likely to perform at each stage of the sales cycle. It answers the question, “Where am I in my selling process and where is my client in their buying process?” You can find out more about Lumina Sales here or if you’re interested in getting qualified you can discover the process and qualification here

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